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imageWe all have attitude. It is how we approach situations at home, at work and at school which can make such a difference to the way people feel.

Changing Attitudes

Our attitude changes depending on the relationships surrounding us.

Keeping a good attitude and developing a “winning” approach to all kinds of stress is helpful in maintaining a positive attitude.

Self talk reflects your state of mind.We can all talk ourselves into fears, dislikes etc and with awareness we can also talk ourselves out of these thoughts or decide how to deal with these thoughts.

We are what we think!

Your thoughts can  master you or you can master your thoughts.

The real key to attitude is accepting failure and then coping with failure.

When family members, school children, work colleagues are swimming, encourage them so that they feel like pushing on and are able avoid drowning themselves in guilt.

The attitude we display from words we use and our body language will either build people up or tear them down.

A plant grows when we water it.

A person grows when we lead with a positive attitude

Indicators we could look at to help our positive attitude grow:

A willingness to change our attitude.

Determining a strategy to develop a positive attitude A willingness to learn Learn to put yourself in another’s shoes instead of trying to put them in your shoes.