Experiences teaching with special needs in the classroom

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During my teaching years I have had students with hearing impairments who were attending my classes a few days a week before entering the mainstream school program.  The classes I worked with during my full time teaching career were often challenging and I was always keen to work with students who had emotional issues and for this reason I often dealt with such students in and out of the classroom.  I have run Peer Support programs to enhance friendships for some of these students.

I have dealt with past students who have had extreme emotional issues and worked closely with their parents and counsellors as a mentor.

Over the years, I have dealt with many physical and emotional issues in the class room and have dealt with each individual student according to their special needs.

I have taught students in Maths and English from both ends of the spectrum; those who struggle and those who require greater enrichment.

At present, I am teaching a Down Syndrome student in the “I Can Read” program.