My association with Wendy O’Hanlon has spanned over 9 years. She has great experience in teaching students ranging from primary to tertiary levels. She has intuition, empathy and understanding of issues facing the challenges of young people in a range of educational instructions. She has helped me in assessing and dealing with the challenges facing my daughters academic education. I highly recommend her professional advice and assistance. –Judith

For a while I wanted to be a primary school teacher but was unsure how to go about it so I talked with Wendy O’Hanlon. She encouraged me to apply to local primary schools for my Year 10 work experience week and then did everything in her power to ensure that I had a great time when I was accepted into PLC (Pymble) in 2007. As my family and I knew Wendy personally for many years, I was put under the guidance of another teacher for the week at PLC. However, Wendy provided consistent support and guidance throughout the week including helping me with teaching strategies as well as classroom and playground management skills.

Six years later, Wendy is still more than happy to offer me any guidance with primary education strategies and issues – all I have to do is ask! It would be fair to say that at this stage of my university studies in primary education that, even though Wendy is not the sole driving force for me to become a teacher, she is a great role model and her consistent guidance and support is invaluable. –Hugh

I have known Wendy for over 50 years. We went to the same school and have been close friends for most of that time. I have a BA Dip. Ed. from Maquarie University and have worked briefly as a teacher in both the state system and also as a teacher of ESL. Wendy’s background is similar to my own. We grew up on the North Shore in Sydney and were together both at school and socially and we both attended university studying Arts and Education.

As far back as I can remember, Wendy never wanted to be anything other than a teacher, a profession for which she is highly suited given that she has an empathy with young children, she is caring, talented and passionate about her work and is totally dedicated to the teaching profession.

On a personal level, Wendy was always a loyal friend and a loving and dedicated wife and mother to her 3 children. Her home was always filled with laughter and her children were well mannered and a delight. If I were asked to describe her personality, the words that spring to mind are happy, upbeat, positive, a people person, ambitious, feet on the ground, strong, hard working, trustworthy and professional, a person of high integrity.

In short, Wendy is, in my opinion, someone who not only cares about her family and friends but is also dedicated to helping others both in a school environment and in the wider community.  –Elizabeth [ Character Reference ]