The Founder

 My name is Wendy O’Hanlon.  I grew up on the North Shore in Sydney and went to Pymble Public School until the age of 8.  I then went to PLC Ingleholme until year 6 and then transferred to the main school at PLC Pymble for my High School Years. I loved going to school and always felt that my school was an extension of my family.  I felt I belonged.

My passion from an early age was to teach and I followed this passion, first by attending Teacher’s College and then Macquarie University where I obtained a BA DipEd and had also majored in English and Linguistics.

I have taught in a variety of schools in the Catholic System, Private System and with the Department of Education.  I have also attended a two year course in Process Psychology and I have also completed a Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment. I also trained with “I Can Read” and teach with I Can Read Centres in Sydney.

How Stress Strainer began.

Stress Strainer began because I am passionate about and compassionate towards youth and the challenges they face in our community at home, school, university, college and work.  I have always believed that relationships and strategies to deal with relationships are very important in our everyday lives.  The more connected we feel, the more communicative we become.  I have worked with many youths through challenging times and often helped youth and families to reconnect.  As I worked with a number of youths and parents as a mentor and guide, I began to see the real need for continued connections.